Email and Hosting

Email Hosting

Pureweb is a reseller of premium email services. With full IMAP support you can access your email anywhere, anytime, on any number of devices. Synchronise your email to your computer, your laptop, your phone and more, or simply use our full featured and user-friendly webmail to access your email on any computer.

Our email service is perfect for the home or small business user who understands the importance of a robust and reliable email service. It is also ready for the enterprise, with an infrastructure that is used by over 2 million business users around the world. Our relationship with this major provider delivers you with enterprise reliability and performance while receiving the service, personal attention and friendliness that Pureweb is renowned for.

With 25GB of storage the majority of users will never need to delete any email. Your entire email history is safe in the event of computer loss and can simply be downloaded to a new computer. That is becoming increasingly important as email becomes a repository for invoices, business agreements, contact details and more.

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Pureweb offers premium web hosting services. To maximise security and performance our web hosting services are restricted to our website clients or by special arrangement.